Academic Assistance at Westbrook High School

Room 207 and 208 

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Courses Offered

Developmental Language Arts

Developmental Language Arts is a course designed for students who could benefit from additional literacy support in order to read and write at grade level. Direct instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics is provided as needed using the Wilson Reading System¬©. Emphasis is placed  on understanding text structure, building background knowledge, making relevant connections to the text, asking questions, inferring, summarizing and synthesizing through independent reading, written summaries, and open response questions.

 Developmental Math

Developmental Math is a course designed for students who could benefit from additional computational support in order to effectively solve problems in a grade level math course. Emphasis is placed on memorization of critical formulas, checking for computational errors, relearning topics taught in class, as well as practicing problems on their own.

 Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance is an inclusive  period of supported learning in a quiet setting that is individualized based on  the unique learning needs of the student. All instructors are well versed in all subject areas and available to assist students or guide them in an independent learning period.


Kerri Legg, Special Education Teacher

Erica Hocking, Special Education Teacher

Ron Botelho, Para

Samantha Silver, Para

Maria Drauss, Tutor

Anne Barton, Para.