The Westbrook Public Schools believe that the opportunity for participation in a variety of athletic activities is a vital part of the student-athletes educational experience which is consistent with and contributes to the basic mission of the school. The interscholastic athletic program contributes much to the total education of the student-athlete who participates. A proper well-organized sports program must strive to develop the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the student-athlete by providing the opportunity to develop values and attitudes that will be of benefit in later life. He/she will learn about physical fitness, self-discipline, pursuit of a goal, and respect for others. The student-athlete will strive to succeed in competition and learn how to accept the results of their best efforts.

Teg Cosgriff, C.M.A.A 



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  • Required: Westbrook High School Winter Sports Parent and Student Athlete Meeting

    WHS Winter Sports Parent and Student Athlete Meeting is scheduled for  Monday, November 27th at 7:00 pm in the WHS Auditorium.  This meeting will last (45) minutes and then break out into team meetings with the head coaches (Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Boys & Girls Indoor Track, OSW Winter Cheerleading, Teams of One). 
    WHS girls basketball practice begins on Monday, November 27th.
    All other sports being in Saturday, December 2nd.
    Practice schedules will be sent out on Wednesday, Nov. 22nd.
    Westbrook High School Athletics

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