Home Base Program

Home-Base Program


  • Foster and contribute to a positive school climate
  • Respect the emotional disability
  • Develop emotional management skills and strategies through a highly individualized program


  • To establish and maintain regular school and class attendance, engagement, and participation
  • To reduced the number of student disciplinary incidents
  • To maintain passing grades in coursework and earn credits toward a diploma
  • To develop transition skills and to be career/college ready


  • Case management by Special Education Teacher with frequent communication between school and family
  • Scheduling in Home Base Program for 1 or more periods per day for academic assistance and/or direct instruction in the four core subjects
  • Social/Emotional behavior goals to address targeted behaviors
  • Staff available for immediate support: Special Education Teacher/Case Manager, Paraprofessional, School Psychologist, School Social Worker
  • Close communication with community supports by Home Base Team

Behavior Support

  • Increased adult supervision
  • Behavior Support Plans, Behavior Intervention Plans, Crisis Management Plans, as necessary

Therapeutic Support

  • Cognitive and behavior counseling (individual and/or group)
  • Crisis plan and crisis counseling as needed

Academic Support

  • Modifications and accommodations to the general curriculum, in all settings, based on a student’s presenting needs in order to reduce emotional difficulties and increase learning experiences
  • Increased progress monitoring and communication with regular education, inclusion and special education teachers and staff

Transition/Social Support

  • Self-management and social management skills-building
  • Completion of transition activities per IEP, participation in school transition programs & activities, supported work study

Intake Procedures

  • District staff and/or Building Administrator notify Special Education Director and Home Base Program Team of potential referral
  • Director and Team conduct comprehensive file review and determine if placement is appropriate
  • If placement is appropriate, a PPT, 504 or SRBI meeting is scheduled with student and family to discuss and determine placement and review/revise program as necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What grades are serviced?  Middle and high school students
  2. Who is part of the Home Base team? Special Education Director, Special Education Teacher, Paraprofessional, School Social Worker, School Psychologist
  3. What are the major components of the program? Behavior, Therapeutic, Academic, Transition/Social
  4. How are students exited? Goals and objectives have been met