Student and Staff Achievements

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Core Values

Westbrook High School is committed to educating all students to achieve their unique potential as 21-st century learners. Faculty and staff value collaboration and reflection in order to provide instruction that engages all students in an equitable learning environment.


Westbrook High School believes that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning experiences and encouraged by a safe, supportive school climate that nurtures social connections, emotional well-being, academic skills, and personal integrity.

Learning Expectations

Students will meet expectations by:


  1. Reading a wide variety of texts effectively
  2. Writing effectively for a variety of purposes
  3. Presenting ideas accurately with the support of engaging media
  4. Thinking critically to solve problems and reach well-reasoned judgments
  5. Working responsibly and collaboratively


  1. Developing a spirit of belonging


  1. Contributing to a positive school climate by actively participating in the school community and respecting others

Recent News from Westbrook High School

  • Town of Westbrook Public Meeting

    The Town of Westbrook is updating the plan of conservation and development.  See attached flyer for more details.

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Registration For 2020-2021 School Year

    Registration for Kindergarten and Preschool students begins the week of February 3, 2020, at Daisy Ingraham School and will be ongoing.

    Parents/Guardians may register their child(ren), who must be a resident of Westbrook and five years old by December 31, 2020, for Kindergarten. Children who will be four years old by December 31, 2020, and have already participated in a preschool screening at Daisy Ingraham, are eligible to enroll for Preschool.  Parents/Guardians who have children who will be three or four years old by December 31, 2020, and who have not already participated in a screening, should call the elementary school office at 860-399-7925 to set up an appointment for a preschool screening. Three- and four-year-old students must participate in a screening prior to registration and will be admitted to the Integrated Preschool Program as space permits.

    Registration packets are available on the elementary school website at or may be picked up in the school main office.  The registration packet contains specific details about documents required to establish proof of residency, age, etc. The main school office is open daily from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  There will be extended hours for registration on Tuesday,  February 4, and Thursday, February 6, until 7:00 pm.

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Influenza Information

    Schools are a prime location for the flu virus to spread. It is hard to prevent kids from getting the flu this time of year for various reasons. The flu virus is spread by respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, and talking.  Droplets can spread up to six feet away and land in the mouths or noses or people who are nearby. It can also be spread by touching a surface or object that has the flu virus on it and then touching their mouth or nose. 

    • Children are three times more likely to get sick with the flu
    • Children can pass the flu virus to others for a period of more than seven days after the symptoms start
    • On average, one-third of family members in families with school age children are infected with the flu each year.

    The flu is different than a cold. Both a cold and flu are respiratory illnesses, however they are caused by different virus’s and have different symptoms.  The flu normally comes on suddenly.  An easy way to recognize the flu symptoms are to remember the FLU FACTS.

    (Fever, Aches, Chills, Tiredness, and Sudden onset)

    Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea are seen with children.

    Complications of the flu virus can include bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections, dehydration, and worsening of chronic medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. Key points to remember:

    Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water. You can set a good example by doing this yourself. Good hand hygiene is the first line of defense against the flu. Hand sanitizer is acceptable if your hands are not visibly dirty.

    Teach your children not to share personal items like drinks, food or unwashed utensils, and to cover their coughs and sneezes with tissues. If they don't have a tissue, they should cough or sneeze into their upper sleeve, not their hands.

    Know the signs and symptoms of the flu. Symptoms of the flu include fever (100 degrees or greater), cough, sore throat, a runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, and feeling very tired. Some people may also vomit or have diarrhea.

    Don't send children to school if they are sick. Any children who are sick at school will be sent home. Keeping your child home when sick will allow them to rest and also allows you to monitor their health closely. Keeping your sick child home is the responsible thing to do. It protects fellow students and school staff, especially those who are at higher risk of severe illness from the flu.

    Remember- if you are sick, please STAY HOME!  Please be vigilant of others and aware of the serious risk to students and staff when coming to school with flu-like symptoms. Thank you in advance for doing your part in keeping our schools healthy! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Westbrook High School Theatre Presents "It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play"

    Reserve your tickets on the WHS Theatre Page!

    Westbrook High School
  • Author Mike Lupica Visits Westbrook High School

    Well known author Mike Lupica visited Westbrook Middle and High School on Wednesday, September 11th. The visit was to not only promote his newest fiction read Strike Zone, but also to speak to students about sports, writing and life!
    Special thanks to Karen Schumann at RJ Julia Booksellers of Madison for coordinating this event!
    Westbrook High School

Upcoming Events

  • Junior Parent Night

    Guidance Office
  • Music Boosters Meeting

    Westbrook High School
  • WHS Spring Play

    Westbrook High School
  • Library

    SAT Prep

    Guidance Office
  • WHS Spring Play

    Westbrook High School
  • WHS Cafeteria

    PTSO Hosted Senior Breakfast

    Westbrook High School
  • Library

    SAT Prep

    Guidance Office
  • WHS Room 226

    WHS PTSO Meeting

    Westbrook High School
  • WHS Library

    BOE mtg.

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Combined 8th Grade/HS Band Concert

    Westbrook High School
  • Library

    SAT Prep

    Guidance Office
  • No School - Teacher Professional Development

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NEASC Accredidation Information

In October, Westbrook High School renewed its New England Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation.  Read the newspaper article written about the visit, as well as NEASC's final report, both available below.

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