Honor Roll

A student with an incomplete is ineligible for the honor roll. A grade below 70 in any course prevents a student from inclusion on the honor roll. A student must be enrolled in and receive a grade for five courses in a quarter.

High Honors: 93.5-100

Honors: 87-93.45

Honor Roll is calculated at the end of each quarter using a simple average.  To calculate your average for the quarter, add the total points earned, then divide by the number of courses taken.  See the below example.

Course Grade
Algebra I 98
World History 89
English 92
Spanish I 86
Biology 91

In this example, we would add all scores together (98 + 89 + 92 + 86 + 91) and divide by the number of classes taken (5).  We would end up with 456 / 5 = 91.2.  Our example student would have earned Honors for the quarter.

Weighted GPA Calculation


Weighted GPA is calculated at the end of each semester, and uses the semester score assigned by teachers for the calculation.

Key Terms

Semester: The semester of the year in which a grade was assigned

Assigned Grade: The grade assigned by a teacher for the semester

Potential Credit:  The credit hours a student could earn if the semester requirements for completion are met

Course Weight:  A value to identify difference between college prep, honors, and AP/ECE courses. Check the course guide for course weighting.

Credits Earned: The credits earned by the student for completion of the semester

GPA Points: A calculated number used in final GPA calculations.  It is calculated by using the following formula:

GPA Points = Assigned Grade * Course Weight * Credits Earned

Weighted GPA Formula: sum(GPA Points) / Potential Credit

Example Data*

Course Name Semester Assigned Grade Course Weight Credits Earned GPA Points Potential Credit
English 9 Honors 1 94 1.05 .5


English 9 Honors 2 96 1.05 .5 50.4 .5
Biology 1 100 1.00 .5 50 .5
Biology 2 95 1.00 .5 47.5 .5
Writing Workshop 1 90 1.00 .5 45 .5
AP Music Theory 2 86 1.10 .5 47.3 .5
Algebra I 1 98 1.00 .5 49 .5
Algebra I 2 99 1.00 .5 49.5 .5
Total Potential Credit     4
Total GPA Points   388.05  
Total Credits Earned 4    

Using the above example data, we can calculate the weighted GPA

Total GPA Points / Potential Credit = 388.05 / 4 = 97.0125


*All data used on this page is for example purposes only.  It does not reflect accurate weights, grades, or credits.  All course information is available on our course guide. Any questions regarding specific student information, including grades or credits earned, should be directed to the student's guidance counselor.