Westbrook High School Career Pathways

Students in the Westbrook Public Schools achieve at high levels through a variety of authentic learning experiences that meet their individual needs.  Authentic, relevant, and research-based strategies and resources prepare them for the challenges of global citizenship.  To support our mission to educate, challenge, and inspire all students, we have designed a high school experience to prepare all students for future careers beyond high school, whether they choose to begin their careers after completing a four-year college or university degree, after a two-year college degree, or by entering the military or sustainable employment right after high school.   


  • Twenty-two individual pathways organized into three broad career clusters
  • 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • 8 dual enrollment courses articulated with the University of Connecticut
  • Career Connections activities, including job shadowing, internships, guest speakers, industry panels, mock interviews, and resume writing workshops

Westbrook High School offers 22 career pathways, each within one of three career clusters:  Advanced Technologies and Sciences; Arts, Business, and Communications; and, Health, Human and Public Services. 

Each pathway has required courses and a recommended program of study.  Students are encouraged to work with their parents/guardians and counselors to select the best path to graduation and preparation for college and careers.  

The program of study for each pathway includes four components:

  1.   Recommended four-year, sequential pathway courses, each with rigor and relevance to future careers, and other other recommended courses to support development of pathway knowledge and skills;
  2.   Alignment to post-secondary college and career options;
  3.   Opportunities for Advanced Placement (AP), dual enrollment credits, and industry recognized certifications (where applicable); and,
  4.   Career Connections activities, including business/industry panels, career fairs, college fairs, internships, job shadowing experiences  and employment-related workshops (resume writing and mock interviews, for example).


Career Pathways Program of Study (click on image to access)