The Westbrook Public Schools believe that the opportunity for participation in a variety of athletic activities is a vital part of the student-athletes educational experience which is consistent with and contributes to the basic mission of the school. The interscholastic athletic program contributes much to the total education of the student-athlete who participates. A proper well-organized sports program must strive to develop the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the student-athlete by providing the opportunity to develop values and attitudes that will be of benefit in later life. He/she will learn about physical fitness, self-discipline, pursuit of a goal, and respect for others. The student-athlete will strive to succeed in competition and learn how to accept the results of their best efforts.

Teg Cosgriff, C.M.A.A 



Athletic Announcements

  • Athletic Announcements


    Due to the weather forecast for our area, practices and activities after 2:30 PM are cancelled today.  

    Boys basketball practice (2:45pm - 4:45pm) - CANCELLED

    Cheerleading practice (6pm - 7:30 pm) - CANCELLED

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